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Arthonnati is software developed for Patsanstha with Online Service Support, Advanced Computerized Technologies, Head Office Modules Like H.O. Accounting, Bank/Branch Reconciliation and Consolidation of Trial Balance, M.I.S. Reports, Payroll and Share Accounting. Also Offers Modern Banking like ATM Interface, MICR Cheque Encoder Interface, Telabanking, Signature and Photographs Capture.
Click Bank
Click Bank is WINDOWS Based Fully menu driven & user friendly system. Developed using most powerful secured and popular database of ORACLE 10G. Unique Customer ID No. for fast A/c opening. Devnagari Support. Supports O.S. Like WINDOWS, LINUX, NOVELL NETWARE, UNIX. Multi-user online system. Data import/Export facility. Online context sensitive help. Interface with MODEM, DIGITAL CAMERA, PASS-BOOK PRINTER, PIGMY MACHINS,ATM etc. Internal backup / Restore facility. S
College Management
College Management Software is a software designed to manage the entire Operations of an institution. College Management Software is a simple yet powerful one joint integrated platform that connects all the various departments of an institution like Administration, Examination, Library, and many more specialized modules.   SPECIAL FEATURES Single database management system and necessary security is Provid
Whether a large or small business CRM offers multiple advantages. Business can use CRM to provide superior services to customers and enhance customer experiences. CRM enables any type of user or company to take advantages of customer service management. CRM software enables organizations to manage multiple Functions including contact and accounts, sales and projects. CRM delivers powerful customer relationship management capabilities, including sales force automation, cust
Employee Society
Magic ERP
Magic Application Suite is a collection of closely knit and integrated web-based applications to offer everything in a single, integrated and powerful solution. Additionally, it enables organizations to make better, faster decisions through real-time business intelligence. Its modular architecture allows you to select required modules as per current needs, integrating other modules at later time to support your growing business. Magic Application Suite gives growing businesses a competitive e
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