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Click Bank
Click Bank is WINDOWS Based Fully menu driven & user friendly system. Developed using most powerful secured and popular database of ORACLE 10G. Unique Customer ID No. for fast A/c opening. Devnagari Support. Supports O.S. Like WINDOWS, LINUX, NOVELL NETWARE, UNIX. Multi-user online system. Data import/Export facility. Online context sensitive help. Interface with MODEM, DIGITAL CAMERA, PASS-BOOK PRINTER, PIGMY MACHINS,ATM etc. Internal backup / Restore facility.
Six Level of Passwords have been provided for user i.e. Operator, Supervisor, Manager & Director, Administrator, Customer. In Addition there is a Super password Superseding all these passwords. The Software has inbuilt powerful recovery procedure which attempts at recovering in case of data corruption due to power failures.
  • Signature Scanning, Also Provision To Store Photograph & Thumb Impression.
  • Pending Installment Reports
  • Maturity Amount Report.
  • Single Screen Operation for All A/C.
  • Till Date Interest Status.
  • Chairman Report
  • Online FD Printing.
  • Online Cash Receipt Printing.
  • Online Share Certificate Printing.
  • Online Dividend Warrant Printing.
  • Online Context Sensitive Help.
  • Online Posting.
  • Online Entry Level Validation
  • Liquidity Module.
  • Investment Register.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Locker Module.
  • Balance-sheet Consolidation.
  • Liability Card.
  • Powerful Search Utilities.
  • Shift Wise Report.
  • Notices & Correspondence In MARATHI.
  • Audit Trail Of Each Entry In Master Data and Transaction.
  • Functional & Terminal Wise Operations.
  • Time & Period Based Data Locking.
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